Purpose of the association

Negotiations are an important part of economy, politics and society. Nevertheless, negotiation research has not reached an appropriate status within scientific community yet. One reason for this is that negotiations are subjects of various scientific disciplines (e.g. law, psychology, economics, sociology and computer science), but represent a specialty in each field. Therefore, there is an overall lack of appropriate support for negotiation research.

Moreover, negotiation research is missing a sufficient exchange with the negotiation practice. As a result, many current issues of negotiation practice are not examined in research or with a delay, so that negotiation practice as a whole does not receive enough support from current scientific research findings.

With that in mind, the idea was born to create a society in which academics and practitioners alike can exchange views on negotiations, participate and support negotiation research in various ways. In April 2019, the non-profit association "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verhandlungsforschung" was founded and registered. The purpose of it is to support science and research in the field of negotiation management.

In order to fulfil this purposes, the following measures are taken:

  • Organization and realization of research projects in the field of negotiation management and scientific studies in practice, as well as publication of gained insights
  • Support of the diffusion of insights and methods of negotiation research
  • Professional exchange between members in form of dialogue events and other meetings among research and practice